Company Policy

 I.        Quality Policy

  1. Enhancing customer satisfaction by continuously developing and producing high-quality products and services in accordance with customer requirements, applicable laws, and regulations.
  2. Implementing quality control in an integrated manner throughout the production process to ensure the high quality of the finished product.
  3. Committing to delivering finished products on time according to customer requirements.
  4. Increasing the utilization of high-tech machines on an ongoing and integrated basis to support the production process.
  5. Enhancing the competence of human resources through targeted training to achieve work effectiveness and efficiency.


II.      Social Pliocy

  1. Adhering to the basic labor code of ethics requirements.
  2. Complying with national legislation, other regulatory requirements, international laws, and related industry standards.
  3. Committing to actively eliminate all forms of slavery, including modern slavery, and eradicating all forms of forced labor to create a safe and protective environment for every employee.


III.    Environment Policy

  1. Committed to protecting the environment by adopting a life cycle perspective and implementing all measures necessary to achieve the company’s environmental goals.
  2. Fulfilling and complying with all applicable regulatory obligations.
  3. Making continuous improvement efforts to enhance environmental performance.


IV.    Health, Safety & Environment Policy

  1. Implement preventive measures to reduce the rate of work accidents in the company environment.
  2. Adhere to all applicable requirements and laws concerning occupational health and safety (K3).
  3. Provide coaching to all workers through effective training related to the knowledge of healthy and safe work behavior.


V. Supply Chain Security

  1. Secure the supply chain system from unauthorized parties or unknown goods.
  2. Ensure the security of information technology flow from unauthorized or unknown parties.
  3. Safeguard the flow of shipments of finished products to customers from criminal acts such as terrorism, illegal trade, slavery, human/women/children trafficking, smuggling of prohibited goods, and all other acts with a similar purpose.
  4. Commit to preventing acts of bribery, corruption, and fraud in business practices.
  5. Commit to full compliance with Anti-Money Laundering Laws and Regulations applicable in Indonesia, taking necessary actions to prevent, detect, and report to authorities all actions related to money laundering, known or suspected financing of terrorism, other criminal activities, and suspicious transactions within the framework of applicable law.
  6. Comply with all applicable statutory requirements regarding security.
  7. Ensure not to purchase goods or materials produced either locally or abroad using convict labor or labor with legal problems.


Bandung, August 02, 2021

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