Spirit: Quality, Care and Commitment

Trisco has and will always grow with its roots firmly planted on three inseparable elements of Quality, Care and Commitment.

The elements combine to form the basic essence of Trisco character and spirit. It is the source of its energy, inspiration and creativity in its effort to create a better life and happiness for all.

Philosophy: Creating a better life for all

At Trisco, we discovered the true meaning of work. We believe in working hard, but we never forget our purpose. We work hard to create a better life for all stakeholders. For our customers, for our employees and their families, for our stakeholders, for societies and countries we work in for life and for God.

Tagline: Keep The Promise

A promise is a declaration to do or not to do something. Trisco always very serious and firm in keeping its promise. With all the effort, sincerity and full hearted, Trisco always try to keep the promise. Through this, Trust is the result gained from the stakeholders globally.


SEDEX Member since June 1st 2011 until present

ISO 9001: 2008, certified since December 23rd 2005 until present by SGS (Accredited by JAS-ANZ and UKAS)